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We make available to the general population, public and private administrations, national and international insurers the air repatriation service for those people who, due to an emergency or type of pathology, require an ambulance plane transfer for both national and international transfers.

This service is carried out in ambulance jet-type aircraft which carry all the necessary medical equipment to provide care and attention to the patient during the medical flight, which is carried out safely and guaranteeing the quality of patient care under the responsibility of the medical staff. of the ambulance plane.

We have a large fleet of fully equipped ambulance jets for the transfer of all types of patients with different pathologies and in need of care, which makes transfers within Spain or, if necessary, makes return transfers of patients of other nationalities to their country of residence. origin case suffer illnesses or injuries in Spain, in the same way they can carry out transfers from other countries to Spain, repatriating to this country national patients injured in other places in the European territory

Urgcan has signed agreements and contracts with important companies in the air medical transport sector in order to guarantee the assistance and coverage of transfers demanded in the European territory, mainly in Spanish.

If necessary, do not hesitate to request more information or a medical transfer estimate by contacting our commercial department at our email where we will be happy to assist you.