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Our company performs rescue and lifeguard services in the aquatic environment in general, whether they are beaches, swimming pools, water parks or any aquatic environment in which the presence of rescue and lifeguard personnel is necessary to guarantee the safety of the users who make use of the aquatic medium.

To this end, we have personnel qualified in lifeguarding who are qualified, trained and experienced in the practice of rescue and lifeguarding in the aquatic environment, being able to put into practice, if necessary, the rescue techniques necessary to save a person. in distress, in addition to applying the resuscitation and first aid techniques necessary to perform a first stabilization of the possible injuries sustained until the arrival, if necessary, of emergency personnel for transfer to the appropriate health center.

Our rescue and lifeguard personnel are in possession of the accreditation for the use and management of the Desa semi-automatic defibrillator.

Our staff has in their workplace the necessary material to carry out the rescue and rescue maneuvers as well as to apply the necessary first aid techniques, which, in combination with the education, training and experience acquired, make up the best guarantee for peace of mind and safe use of aquatic facilities by users under our supervision