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Self Protection

Urgcan’s self-protection department, which has trained staff, accredited for the drafting, implementation and management of self-protection and emergency plans, as well as specialized in the management of emergencies and health emergencies and of other kinds, is in charge of the carrying out self-protection and security plans for musical, sporting, and automobile events and, in general, for any event in which the implementation of a self-protection plan or similar is necessary according to current legislation, after studying and analyzing the particularities of the event or activity to carry out such as the capacity of the event, place of celebration, ages and particularities of the attendees (age, alcohol consumption, etc.) As well as those risks inherent to the organized activity.

Our self-protection department watches over the safety and tranquility of both the people who attend an event and the organization at all times, facilitating the conditions of responsibility, safety and providing measures and solutions for the most appropriate response to the possibility of risk situations, urgencies or emergencies.

Our Drafting Technicians, who are duly accredited and registered with the DGSE, carry out the drafting, implementation and emergency management of security plans and as well as consulting and advice on self-protection matters